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With tax reform 2.0, time to end the loophole for large US credit unions
September 7, 2018 CNBC Alex Sanchez OpEd
Our national debt keeps growing each day, currently near the $21 trillion mark with no end in sight.

Credit Unions Shouldn't Get a Free Ride
August 15, 2018 Wall Street Journal - Alex Sanchez OpEd
Is this what Congress intended for credit unions to do with their tax-exempt status? Purchase the naming rights for stadiums and arenas? Lawmakers ought to eliminate this outdated and abusive tax loophole for large credit unions. 

Power Leaders in Banking
July 27, 2018 South Florida Business Journal
As South Florida continues to grow as a regional and hemispheric financial services destination, they also realize the important role they play to businesses across the Americas and civic, cultural, and philanthropic organizations across their community. To these executives, their involvement helps define the role of a power leader.

Opinion:  The burden of over-regulation remains a key threat
June 25, 2018 Sarasota Herald Tribune
A January 2017 Forbes article entitled “The $83,000 Question: How Much Do Regulations Really Cost Small Businesses?” noted that it costs a small business more than $83,000 in its first year to comply with the federal regulatory mountain of rules and regulations; future costs for each small business are approximately $12,000 annually. That is big money for the heart and soul of America’s economy — small businesses. 

Florida banker honored
June 25, 2018 Sarasota Herald Tribune
A former Sarasota banker was recently honored by the Florida Bankers Association. William “Bill” Klich received the FBA’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” at its 130th annual meeting this month. Klich, who is retired from banking, headed several Sarasota banks during the 1990s, including the former Coast Federal Savings & Loan Association and later its buyer, SunTrust.


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