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Yes, tax reform must happen now October 13, 2017 Miami Herald

A tax plan that levels the tax playing field for businesses — not only with global competitors, but also those right here at home — will help to strengthen American companies. The government should not be picking winners and losers; it should treat all industries the same.

Association Health Plans: A Favorite GOP Approach To Coverage Poised For Comeback
October 6, 2017 Kaiser Health News
Under association health plans, small businesses can join associations — based on certain types of professional, trade or interest groups — that offer insurance to members. Republicans for decades have favored such arrangements, seeing them as a way for small groups to get more clout with insurers.

Battle Lines Drawn Over Credit Union Tax Break in Reform Fight
September 11, 2017 Tax Analysts
Sanchez made a similar argument: “Government should not be picking winners and losers in the free enterprise system . . . and that’s what we’re doing with credit unions.” He also placed the exemption in the context of tax fairness and paying for the country’s fiscal needs, accusing Navy Federal Credit Union, which extends membership eligibility to members of the military and veterans (and their families), of “not paying for the defense of this country . . . because you don’t pay state and federal corporate income taxes and you’re a $60 billion financial institution.”

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