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Socialism Does Not Work
May 21, 2019 Fox Business
Florida Bankers Association CEO Alex Sanchez on the state of the U.S. financial sector and the debate between capitalism and socialism.

My escape from Cuba to capitalism - and freedom
May 15, 2019 Fox Business
"Socialism does not work. It has never worked. It sounds good, and makes for a good academic discussion in a classroom. But the reality is it undermines the hard work and sacrifice of people like my father and mother."

America's community banks in danger of extinction due to credit union tax loophole
April 1, 2019 Fox Business
"Congress cannot have it both ways, publicly proclaiming support for community banks while allowing corporate welfare for credit unions to continue. Credit unions, awash in cash because of their tax-exempt status, are buying banks in cash deals. Since 2012, credit unions have purchased 29 banks. In Florida alone in the past 12 months, credit unions have purchased seven banks."

De novos breed small businesses, Florida Bankers chief says
March 26, 2019 American Banker
"When you look at that statistic - 50% of Americans work for small businesses - isn't that impactful? And then 50% of small business loans come from community banks. Just those two figures tell you the important role community bankers play. We need big banks and regional banks - they play a role as well."

Investors should encourage a resurgence of local community banking
March 16, 2019 CNBC Alex Sanchez OpEd
"Our nation needs community and regional banks just as we do national banks. Each plays an important role in the U.S. economy and places U.S. companies in a strong position at home and globally. With almost 50 percent of all business loans coming from community banks, that sector of the banking industry must remains strong and vital."

Financial system can forge bipartisanship in Congress
January 17, 2019 The Hill Alex Sanchez OpEd
The choice is clear. Our lawmakers can either seek ways to foster more community banks, update regulations that will help law enforcement and the industry redeploy resources from regulatory costs to more loans, and end corporate welfare for credit unions, or they can hold hearings to satisfy a political base. The time for bipartisanship on this issue is now.


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