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Financial system can forge bipartisanship in Congress
January 17, 2019 The Hill Alex Sanchez OpEd
The choice is clear. Our lawmakers can either seek ways to foster more community banks, update regulations that will help law enforcement and the industry redeploy resources from regulatory costs to more loans, and end corporate welfare for credit unions, or they can hold hearings to satisfy a political base. The time for bipartisanship on this issue is now.

Number of banks in America is at a historical low: Florida Bankers CEO
December 14, 2018 Fox Business - Alex Sanchez OpEd
Florida Bankers Association CEO Alex Sanchez on the outlook for Federal Reserve policy, the state of the financial sector, the regulatory environment and the challenges for companies in the cannabis industry to get financial services.

America's banks are slowly vanishing
December 14, 2018 FOX Business
"we are at a historical low with the number of banks in our country," said Florida Bankers Association CEO Alex Sanchez during an appearence on FOX Business "Mornings with Maria" on Friday. "I think we are not seeing the startup banks like we used to." 

Florida Banks Respond to Hurricane Michael Crisis
October 24, 2018 FBA Press Release
Immediately after Hurricane Michael, Florida banks of all sizes have stepped up to meet the needs of impacted communities and FEMA-declared disaster areas by making financial donations, extending account assistance and supporting employees and residents.

The Fed needs to normalize the rate environment: CEO of Florida Bankers Association
October 8, 2018 CNBC
Alex Sanchez of the Florida Bankers Association and Matthew Breese of Piper Jaffray discuss the underlying risk to financials posed by rising rates.


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