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Part of the Florida Bankers Association's mission is to inform the public about the good our member banks do for their community and for the state. Whether that means sharing stories about how Florida banks make dreams come true every or responding to false allegations about our industry, it is imperative that the FBA work with the news media to ensure that the voice of Florida banking is heard loud and clear.

Thankfully, the FBA is one of few associations throughout the country that is regularly sought for opinions and discussion when it comes to the financial services industry. It is a role the Association takes very seriously. Below is a list of recent articles in which the FBA is involved that you may find to be of interest. Be sure to check back regularly as this list will be regularly updated. 

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Banking Industry Is Doing Great
September 20, 2019,  FOX Business
Florida Bankers Association CEO Alex Sanchez discusses the health of the banking industry, credit union taxation and much more.

Florida bankers CEO to advise Export-Import Bank of US
August 15, 2019, Miami Today
"Florida Bankers Association President and CEO Alex Sanchez has been appointed to serve as a member of the Advisory Committee for the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM). He is one of 17 committee members who represent areas of business, commerce, production, agriculture and labor."

U.S. should not be on the losing end of free-trade agreements
July 22, 2019, Miami Herald, Alex Sanchez OpEd
"As the president and CEO of the Florida Bankers Association, I care that our country has a strong and vibrant economy. Banks are at the core of the free-enterprise system. The banks are a major provider of capital to create homeowners and business owners, who make our economy go. Free and fair trade is important to banks since because they provide the capital to companies that import and export."

Association names area leader state banker of year
June 12, 2019, Business Observer
"Gulfside Bank President and CEO Dennis Murphy Jr. and Winter Park National Bank President and CEO David Dotherow were recently named 2019 Bankers of the Year by the Florida Bankers Association at its annual meeting. The Banker of the Year award is given annually. Murphy and Dotherow were selected for recognition because, according to a statement, 'they have demonstrated the highest level of commitment to the banking industry and service to their communities; each started a de novo bank and both were leaders of the industry by being among the first in a decade in Florida - and the nation - to open new banks.'"

Socialism Does Not Work
May 21, 2019 Fox Business
Florida Bankers Association CEO Alex Sanchez on the state of the U.S. financial sector and the debate between capitalism and socialism.


My escape from Cuba to capitalism - and freedom
May 15, 2019, Fox Business
"Socialism does not work. It has never worked. It sounds good, and makes for a good academic discussion in a classroom. But the reality is it undermines the hard work and sacrifice of people like my father and mother.


America's community banks in danger of extinction due to credit union tax loophole
April 01, 2019, Fox Business
"Congress cannot have it both ways, publicly proclaiming support for community banks while allowing corporate welfare for credit unions to continue. Credit unions, awash in cash because of their tax-exempt status, are buying banks in cash deals. Since 2012, credit unions have purchased 29 banks. In Florida alone in the past 12 months, credit unions have purchased seven banks.


De novos breed small businesses, Florida Bankers chief says
American Banker, March 26, 2019
"When you look at that statistic - 50% of Americans work for small businesses - isn't that impactful? And then 50% of small-business loans come from community banks. Just those two figures tell you the important role community bankers play. We need big banks and regional banks - they play a role as well."

Investors should encourage a resurgence of local community banking

March 16, 2019 CNBC Alex Sanchez OpEd
"Our nation needs community and regional banks just as we do national banks. Each plays an important role in the U.S. economy and places U.S. companies in a strong position at home and globally. With almost 50 percent of all business loans coming from community banks, that sector of the banking industry must remain strong and vital."

Financial system can forge bipartisanship in Congress

January 17, 2019 The Hill Alex Sanchez OpEd
The choice is clear. Our lawmakers can either seek ways to foster more community banks, update regulations that will help law enforcement and the industry redeploy resources from regulatory costs to more loans, and end corporate welfare for credit unions, or they can hold hearings to satisfy a political base. The time for bipartisanship on this issue is now.

Number of banks in America is at a historical low: Florida Bankers CEO
December 14, 2018 Fox Business - Alex Sanchez OpEd
Florida Bankers Association CEO Alex Sanchez on the outlook for Federal Reserve policy, the state of the financial sector, the regulatory environment and the challenges for companies in the cannabis industry to get financial services.

America's banks are slowly vanishing
December 14, 2018 Fox Business
"We are at a historical low with the number of banks in our country," said Florida Bankers Association CEO Alex Sanchez during an appearance on FOX Business' "Morning with Maria" on Friday. "I think we are not seeing the startup banks like we used to."

Florida Banks Respond to Hurricane Michael Crisis
October 24, 2018 FBA Press Release
Immediately after Hurricane Michael, Florida banks of all sizes have stepped up to meet the needs of impacted communities and FEMA-declared disaster areas by making financial donations, extending account assistance and supporting employees and residents.

The Fed needs to normalize the rate environment: CEO of Florida Bankers Association
October 8, 2018, CNBC
Alex Sanchez of the Florida Bankers Association and Matthew Breese of Piper Jaffray discuss the underlying risk to financials posed by rising rates.

With tax reform 2.0, time to end the loophole for large US credit unions

September 7, 2018 CNBC Alex Sanchez OpEd
Our national debt keeps growing each day, currently near the $21 trillion mark with no end in sight.

Credit Unions Shouldn't Get a Free Ride
August 15, 2018 Wall Street Journal - Alex Sanchez OpEd
Is this what Congress intended for credit unions to do with their tax-exempt status? Purchase the naming rights for stadiums and arenas? Lawmakers ought to eliminate this outdated and abusive tax loophole for large credit unions. 

Power Leaders in Banking
July 27, 2018 South Florida Business Journal
As South Florida continues to grow as a regional and hemispheric financial services destination, they also realize the important role they play to businesses across the Americas and civic, cultural, and philanthropic organizations across their community. To these executives, their involvement helps define the role of a power leader.

Florida banker honored
June 25, 2018 Sarasota Herald Tribune
A former Sarasota banker was recently honored by the Florida Bankers Association. William “Bill” Klich received the FBA’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” at its 130th annual meeting this month. Klich, who is retired from banking, headed several Sarasota banks during the 1990s, including the former Coast Federal Savings & Loan Association and later its buyer, SunTrust.

Opinion:  The burden of over-regulation remains a key threat
June 25, 2018 Sarasota Herald Tribune
A January 2017 Forbes article entitled “The $83,000 Question: How Much Do Regulations Really Cost Small Businesses?” noted that it costs a small business more than $83,000 in its first year to comply with the federal regulatory mountain of rules and regulations; future costs for each small business are approximately $12,000 annually. That is big money for the heart and soul of America’s economy — small businesses. 

Power Leaders in Banking
July 17, 2018 South Florida Business Journal
As South Florida continues to grow as a regional and hemispheric financial services destination, they also realize the important role they play to businesses across the Americas and civic, cultural, and philanthropic organizations across their community. To these executives, their involvement helps define the role of a power leader.

Banklike credit unions should follow bank rules
June 25, 2018 American Banker
At a minimum, if the NCUA is going down the path of allowing anyone to be part of a few credit unions, then it ought to require compliance with the spirit of the Community Reinvestment Act and enhance oversight of executive compensation.

Florida Bankers Association recognizes Bill Klich with award
June 20, 2018 Tampa Bay Times
Former Tampa Bay banking executive Bill Klich was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Florida Bankers Association last week at an annual meeting.

Why this Tampa businesswoman ‘believes in magic’ after heading the Florida Bankers Association
June 18, 2018 Tampa Bay Business Journal
A new law that rolls back some of the banking regulations enacted in the wake of the financial crisis a decade ago was among the highlights of Rita Lowman’s one-year term as chairman of the Florida Bankers Association.

Briefcase: Banking
June 17, 2018 Tallahassee Democrat
Hancock Whitney market president, Emory Mayfield, has been sworn in as the Florida Bankers Association chairman for the 2018-2019 association year.

State’s banks ride tax cuts to higher profits
May 28, 2018 Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Florida’s financial institutions kicked off 2018 by posting a 23 percent jump in profits.  The state’s 127 banks and thrifts earned a combined $510 million in the first quarter, $97 million more than the previous year, according to data released last week by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

Top Florida banker’s push for regulatory relief pays off
May 23, 2018 Tampa Bay Business Journal 
The chair of the Florida Bankers Association is cheering Congressional passage of a bill that rolls back some of the banking regulations enacted in the wake of the financial crisis a decade ago.

Column: We need another Simpson-Bowles commission to tackle the national debt
May 7, 2018 Tampa Bay Times
The longer we wait to find a solution, the more painful it will be for our country. We need the president to appoint another bipartisan commission similar to Simpson-Bowles back in 2010. We need to get a strong, bipartisan, independent group together to make recommendations to Congress to tackle this issue. Perhaps neither the will nor the means exist in Congress today to tackle this tough issue.

Battle between banks and credit union heats up
April 20, 2018 Business Observer

Many want to make this a bank versus credit union debate. Not so fast. It is not. The banking profession has no quarrels with the credit union industry. This debate is all about one question: Why should a family of four pay more in state and federal taxes than a $90 billion financial institution like Navy Federal Credit Union?

Podcast: Taking Flight with Pilot Bank
April 19, 2018 ABA Journal

On the podcast, Lowman also discusses her experience as a bank turnaround executive, working on acquisitions of troubled lenders for a major southeastern bank and her views on the de novo environment in Florida. And, as the current chairman of the Florida Bankers Association, she talks about her efforts to develop the banking leadership pipeline in the Sunshine State. 

Banks fell in the Great Recession, but they're stronger now
March 14, 2018 USA Today
"Community banks play a vital role in our economy," said Sanchez, with the Florida Bankers Association. "Community banks give 50% of the small-business loans in the United States, and small business is what our economies are based on here in our country."  Instead of a one-size-fits-all-approach, he said financial regulations need to be more tailored to the model and the risk profile of the banks, so they're not so overly burdensome on smaller banks. 

New legislation, technology, population growth may aid banks
January 30, 2018 Miami Today

“Florida Bankers Association President and CEO Alex Sanchez sees the lessening of bank regulations as a positive move for the local economy at large. He said, ‘Publix is in the business of selling food. We’re in the business of making loans and providing the capital to businesses so they can start and hire employees.’” 

What’s a Florida graduation requirement when it’s not required?
January 23, 2018 Tampa Bay Times

“Florida Bankers Association President and CEO Alex Sanchez sees the lessening of bank regulations as a positive move for the local economy at large. He said, ‘Publix is in the business of selling food. We’re in the business of making loans and providing the capital to businesses so they can start and hire employees.’” 

Dream Team
December 15, 2017 Business Observer
“An all-star team of area bankers gathered in late October to talk about an issue close to their hearts, and careers: the future of banking.

Tax reform: The great equalizer for business and economy booster
December 7, 2017 Orlando Sentinel

“A plan that equalizes the tax playing field for businesses — not only with global competitors, but also here at home — will help strengthen American companies. Government should not be picking winners and losers; it should treat all industries the same.”

Battle Lines Drawn Over Credit Union Tax Break in Reform Fight
September 11, 2017 Tax Analysts
Sanchez made a similar argument: “Government should not be picking winners and losers in the free enterprise system . . . and that’s what we’re doing with credit unions.” He also placed the exemption in the context of tax fairness and paying for the country’s fiscal needs, accusing Navy Federal Credit Union, which extends membership eligibility to members of the military and veterans (and their families), of “not paying for the defense of this country . . . because you don’t pay state and federal corporate income taxes and you’re a $60 billion financial institution.”

How tech is helping banks prepare for Irma
September 6, 2017 America Banker 
Many Florida bankers are hurricane veterans, including three storms in 2004 and Matthew last year. Banks have plans they can activate in times of a natural disaster. A number of banks have already held meetings to prepare for Irma.  “Our bankers have no hurricane parties. That ended a long time ago,” said Alex Sanchez, president and CEO of the Florida Bankers Association. “Bankers have plan A, B and C to serve their communities.”

Florida and California Bankers, Far Apart but Flying Together
August 29, 2017 Bloomberg BNA
Bankers in California and Florida may have a continent between them, but that’s not getting in the way of an annual pilgrimage to Washington, where both groups lock arms and make common cause in meetings with policymakers.

FBA: Credit Union Tax Exemption Must End
August 25, 2017 Florida Bankers Association
The Florida Bankers Association (FBA) yesterday sent a letter to Washington, D.C. leaders and decision-makers, including U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan, urging them to closely examine credit unions’ tax-exempt status.

Bank risks federal scrutiny, does business with marijuana growers
August 2, 2017 Palm Beach Post
Alex Sanchez, head of the Florida Bankers Association, lauded First Green Bank for pushing into an untested industry. “To their credit, they have checked every box,” Sanchez said. “They have done an incredible amount of due diligence to get to this point.”

Top bankers drive economy, community and culture
July 28, 2017 South Florida Business Journal
Yes, South Florida’s banking and finance executives help drive our economy. But they also reflect who we are as professionals and community citizens across the tri-county region.

Anti-money laundering efforts examined at House subcommittee hearing
July 6, 2017,  Financial Regulation News
Lloyd DeVaux, president and CEO of Sunstate Bank, said the world has drastically changed since the BSA was adopted in 1970. “Criminals keep evolving and staying one step ahead of banks and law enforcement. As the United States takes steps to combat terrorism and financial crime, now would be a good time to update the compliance requirements to develop a system suited to the twenty-first century,” DeVaux said, speaking on behalf of the Florida Bankers Association. More...

Florida Banker: BSA/AML Rules Must Change with the Times
June 28 2017,  ABA Banking Journal
The regulatory framework put in place to prevent money laundering and stop the financing of terrorist activity should be updated to reflect the changes that have taken place over the past several decades, banker Lloyd DeVaux, president and CEO of Sunstate Bank in Miami, Fla., said today in a hearing before the House Financial Services Committee.  More...