The Florida Bankers Association is made up of thousands of professional bankers across the state of Florida. While not every banker can visit Tallahassee or Washington, D.C. in person, each and every banker in the state can make their voice heard by responding to FBA’s Calls-to-Action.

Whenever a legislative or regulatory issue arises that requires the immediate attention of all of our members, a Call-to-Action may be issued via e-mail to inform our membership of the development and encourage them to contact their elected officials to have their voices heard.

When responded to in a timely fashion and in significant numbers, Calls-to-Action can help policy makers make more informed decisions about their constituents’ positions on a variety of topics. Together, FBA members can make a difference.

For more information on any FBA Call-to-Action, contact Anthony DiMarco by email or at  (850) 224-2265.