Created by the Florida Bankers Association in 2002, Fraud-Net is a secured online database that facilitates the sharing of information between financial institutions and law enforcement. Members of the FBA are given access to Fraud-Net as part of their membership dues and are encouraged to use the system to maintain a working knowledge of what types of crimes are occurring in their area, state and nationally so that they can prevent their bank and their customers from falling victim to financial crime.

This website works as a community posting site so the more you post, the more alerts will be shared. By sharing information about virtually any type of financial crime and reviewing the postings on the system, member banks have often saved tens of thousands of dollars, proving that Fraud-Net is the best resource when it comes to financial crime prevention.

To access or become a member of Fraud-Net, click on the link below. For further questions, contact us by email or at (850) 224-2265.