Health Benefits Pool

If your bank has not yet joined the FBA Exchange Pool, we urge you to consider it. With the strength of nearly 6,000 employee contracts and comprehensive administration, you and your employees will have access to a full spectrum of superior benefits at large group rates.

The Florida Bankers Health Consortium is a self-funded pooled plan with Florida Blue available to members of the FBA. The goal is to provide the FBA community banks with a long term solution for managing rates and plans, year over year, without the bank having to change carriers and/or reduce benefits to keep cost in line.

In addition to giving FBA members access to the most competitive benefits available in the market, we are committed to making your job easier. When you join the FBA Exchange Pool, all of your plans and carriers will be consolidated for streamlined enrollment and administration.

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Top 10 Reasons to Join the Pool:
     • The single biggest advantage is the risk share over a larger number of covered lives
     • Large group health insurance historically has lower premiums
     • Overhead expenses to administer the program are spread over a larger member base
     • As the group grows, the administrative costs reduce
     • Streamlined enrollment and administrative services
     • Access to many additional ancillary coverages
     • Large groups can leverage their size to extract more value from the insurance carriers
     • Small groups able to provide their employees with options otherwise reserved for larger groups
     • Greater Plan Flexibility
     • Streamlined Invoicing and Reconciliation

Want more information? Contact one of us today and find out how your bank can benefit from joining the pool:
       Angie O’Reilly – CEO, Selectsource  (407) 515-2462
       Cheryl Chapman – Vice President of Sales, Selectsource (407) 808-2214
       Jim Seay – BancServ Managing Director, FBA (850) 224-2265