Advanced Commercial Loan Underwriting Workshop

August 21, 2020 - Live Streaming Zoom Video

Speaker: Mike Wear, Owner, 39 Acres Corporation

Less Lecture. More Discussion. Much More Hands-on Learning.

This 1-day workshop builds upon earlier training and experiences and applies advanced analytical tools in a case-driven environment, using reality-based examples: real businesses and real issues to evaluate. The instructor is a 25-year commercial lender and manager of credit analytic departments who will share tips, techniques, and lessons learned from real-life situations. Attendees will work on cases in teams, sharing ideas and different ways to underwrite. 

Time will be devoted for open Q&A session, so students can ask about specific C&I and CRE loan types they are working on or expect to see. And proven techniques will be shared to increase loan yields, encourage borrowers to submit timely financials, and growing the bank’s core deposits. The instructor will use humor, games, and funny stories to provide an enjoyable experience. Complex concepts will be illustrated using cartoons, videos, and props.

Registration Prior to 7/20/21
FBA Member: $355.00/person
Non-Member: $710.00/person

Registration After 7/20/21
FBA Member: $405.00/per person
Non-Member: $810.00/per person

Attending in person?

Be sure to download the FBA mobile app which allows users to connect with attendees using in-app messaging, know what to wear/pack as well, as view presentation materials or agendas when attending (depending on event).

The topics to be covered will include:
  • Problematic business and personal tax return issues and subjective decisions that can impact global cash flow.
  • How to analyze any cash flow statement (direct, indirect, UCA) in less than 5 minutes.
  • Identify the often overlooked shareholder debt transactions in tax returns and effect on debt service.
  • Learn new ways to interpret traditional ratios to determine what is driving the number.
  • Quantify the dollar impact for both level of (projected) sales and business inefficiencies and estimate the amount of financing needed for same.
  • How to differentiate the real loan purpose(s) if you have a loan request for “working capital.”
  • Using problem solving cases to develop skills with Excel templates provided for free cash flow, working investment, and DuPont analysis.
  • Using actual business borrower tendencies when cash flow shrinks, learn the monetary and non-monetary signals for early identification of potential problem loans.
  • Get tips on how to improve written loan presentations.
  • Learn how to apply CRE specific ratios with additional tools for underwriting and loan sizing, such as expense ratios, debt yield, and cap rate sensitivity.
  • Walk through real life CRE underwriting cases featuring currently popular multifamily and self-storage developments.

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